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SW-CNT / PC Pellet (VC100 Extrusion)

Characteristics of SW-CNT/PC Compounds

Strengths of SW-CNT

  • Secures equal level of conductivity (104-109) with only 1/100 of SW-CNT (less conductive shorts).
  • Secures internal clarity for new-generation semiconductor cases with less than 4.1 mm in thickness (previous conductive materials were opaque).

Problems with semiconductor materials based on ESD polymers.

  • The compounds of MW-CNT resins may become brittle due to loss of durability or generate particles when scratched.
  • MW-CNT + CF (carbon fiber) compounds are used instead, but carbon impurities may cause damages.

SW-CNT/PC Compounds and Extrusions/Productions

  • Compound Materials : Combustible resins (99.99-99wt%) and SW-CNT (1-5 nm particles, 95% or higher purity) 0.01-1wt%: Optimal conditions for material.
  • Extrusion Conditions : Electronic Extruder + Heating/Cooling Machine (weldless molding) + Mold Temperature 250◦C, Cooling 90◦C
  • SW-CNT/PC : Film: Thickness up to 0.125 mm / Plate: Thickness 1 mm or greater
  • Key Point : Even distribution of SW-CNT and special conditions necessary (hardware & software) and molds designed for surface conductivity and clarity with appropriate cooling and temperature of extruder.
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