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Antibacterial Coating(VC200)


The clear, water-repelling, antibacterial Nano coating solution for hardening in room temperature or low temperature containing Nano particles of silver (Ag) and copper (Cu).


  • The compound effect of Ag and Cu amplifies the antibacterial effect.
  • Forms a clear layer that is 100nm in thickness and hardens in room temperature or low temperature.
  • Ensures 105◦ contact angle and anti-soil and easy-cleaning properties.
  • Super water-repellent effect when used on porous materials such as fiber.


  • Antibacterial coating for filters (automobiles, masks, etc.).
  • Antibacterial protective coating for filters.
  • Antibacterial coating for fiber.
  • Antibacterial coating for office partitions, movie theater seating, etc.
  • Antibacterial coating for medical purposes (dental handpiece, tubes, etc.).
  • Antibacterial glass

Coating Solution

Item Unit Measurement Method
Appearance (Solution) - Light Blue Naked-eye
Viscosity Cps 1.0 AND SV-10
Specific Gravity g/㎤ 0.82 Specific gravity method
Solid wt% 3 1 hour in 100◦C
Main Solution - Alcohole -
Main Components - SiO2, Cu, Ag -
Hardening Temperature - 25℃ - 100℃ -
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